Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tomorrow I'll set Henry on fire

I was lightheaded in a basement. A chatty blonde walked me home. I kicked over street signs and thought it hilarious. I was disinterested in all she said. 

On my mobile there was a green message from my asshole brother. Still alive and kicking?

Yes... But I awoke in filth, with my dick inside a puppet. 

Tell mother not to worry for I have it under control. I suppose, now, you think you're better than me. But you have not experienced Henry. 

Do you know a good cleaner? One who doesn't judge? I'd prefer it if she can't speak English. I want to share experiences. My filth tells a story. 

Oh birds of paradise I'm so disjointed with no career prospects but songwriter or blogger. And it's too late to start a career. 

So I will search for a method of turning fire into ice. 

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