Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Helga's Duty

"He wakes...
He sleeps...
And in between he swims in sewers
and vomits yesterday's poison
where no one will ever know."

The Duke:
"Here I kneel
in gagging prayer.
The toilet reflects me--
Narcissus amongst bacteria and pubes--
Helga calls this colour "an off-white"...
but to me it's Dorian Gray.

"Dear master are you quite alright?"

The Duke:
"Oh Helga turn your eyes--
I'll give you diamonds not to tell
of the mess you're paid to clean,
of the things you're forced to see...

"of the ratman
in the tailored suit
puking out his shitty heart."


Sean Connery said...

Nigel you old bastard! It's Connery again. I'm on the long end of a hashish binge, and have let myself into to the estate.

Helga! Put another brick in my hookah, and fetch me fresh silks, I've soiled myself again.

Anonymous said...

Sean Cannary you beautiful faggot!! Stop pretending you are the real Sean Aberdeen rogue!!! We all know you eat chickpeas from a tin you blimey bastard! I'erd you have a new hearth to sit in front of...Conngradulations you devilmaycare scoundrel!